I was at the hallowed halls of Indian Statistical Institute talking with students about “Digital Economy.” They wanted to know how Digital technology is shaping the world and how they can get a piece of the action!

Unless you are living under the rock, you are already living and part of the action. We are at an inflection. We need to re-imagine how to do what we do in a connected and intelligent machine world. The key takeaways for me were

-Future is Digital (and that future is now!)
-Being Digital is much more than just an App
-Math skill is key and helps in going beyond the App part

It was nice to be interacting with some of the brilliant minds of the country. Some very interesting projects are underway here: related to health care, natural calamity situation response etc. Every such interaction asserts the youth potential. Time has come to unleash this huge power. There is lot of untapped potential beyond engineering and medical…this country and the world requires brilliant minds in many other areas.

Here is wishing for a brighter, connected, compassionate future!

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