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MoYo is a multi-channel customer/community engagement platform to help brands engage better with their customers and other stakeholders (employees, vendors, investors etc). Brands can send customized and relevant content to dedicated audience.

Engagement made personal

MoYo can be customized easily to give your engagement a unique and personal touch

Custom Themes

Set your own color themes for your channel. Choose the MoYo Types you want to engage with your customer and community. Configure customer onboarding based on your needs.

User Groups

User groups are created to receive content specific to them. MoYo allows to create as many user groups as you need within a channel to send meaningful MoYos easily.


MoYo comes with messaging. You can chat with your community or vice versa either in the context of a MoYo or any idependent coversation. We don’t have provision for group chats at this point of time.

Custom Interactions

With MoYo it is very easy to configure the way your customers or community interact with your content. From commenting, chatting to custom emojis, MoYo allows you to set these up at a channel level and MoYo level

Engagement made intelligent

Engagement can be measured and improved, with analytics from Tattva make sure you are hitting the right notes with your customers and communities

Engagement Analytics

Feedback is important and should be measurable. With our analytics framework tattva you can get crucial engagement insights at a channel, group and moyo levels.

Multi Author Support

If you have a team of people who create content for you, you have come to the right place. MoYo provides options to create a three tier publication team that ensures review of content before publising.

Multi Channel Support

With a single account you can create as many channels as you want if you have different set of communities and customers following you. MoYo is limited only by your own imagination :)

Schedule and Publish

If you publish content at regular intervals, you can schedule them for future publication. MoYos provider app nGage will give you options to publish content immediately or schedule them for later.

Engagement made versatile

MoYo comes preloaded with a variety of engagement options. You can tailor them to suit your communications

Multiple MoYo Types

MoYos can be multimedia, image galleries, documents, forms, surveys, calendar invites and many more. When you create your channel, you can choose the MoYos that you would be using.

Custom Categories

Your customers or community can manage content easily when they mapped to categories that help easier classification of the content that you publish. You can easily filter content based on these categrories.

Content Aggregation

If you have third party contents like Blogs, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, we have bots that can poll these social media accounts and publish them on to your channel automatically.

eCommerce Support

If you are a business enterprise and also want to enable your customers to shop besides egnagement MoYo for micro ecommerce support that includes basic shopping functionalities.

How does it work

MoYo has two sides: provider and consumer.
Onboarding on MoYo and creating a channel on it is simple


  • Get in touch with us
  • Discuss Channel Requirements

Channel Creation

  • Download provider app
  • Create Channels and Groups
  • Invite Users

Engage Better


A collection of use cases for MoYo

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Engagement platform for KASSIA to engage with their member enterprises

First slide  

eCommerce store for Shri Bhagyalakshmi Foods

First slide  

Knowledge Repository of spiritual terminologies for Patanjali Yogpeeth

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Engagement platform for a travel agent to manage travel itineraries