I was invited to give a talk on Future & Java & Me to Engineering students in SJCE, Mysore. It was fun and exciting to look at the future for me. How Digital technologies is/will fundamentally redesigning the business landscape is mind boggling.

Key points from the talk:
-Google Deepmind’s AlphaGo/AlphaZero & Sophia the AI Robot are examples of ML/AI coming of age and becoming prime time
-Access to scalable cloud computing power and on-the-go mobile computing has enabled emergence of new age business models
-In this exciting future, Java still rules the roost as a technology to invest in. It is indeed testimony to the design thinking of the Java’s inventors, especially James Gosling
-As a student, who either wants a job or be an innovator, one should focus on developing strong fundamentals such as mathematics, algorithm/data structure, solid hands-on programming, structured & creative problem solving. Above all the one should focus on developing practices to master one’s mind and body

To be part of these kind of game changing solutions is what excited us to create appZui! 3 cheers to the future where digital and real are indistinguishable…Real-Digital!????

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