Key pillars for SUCCESS in business is embedded within the word itself. It is creating WIN situation for C..E..S..S (Customer + Employee + Supplier + Society.) Then, naturally, the Investor wins, else what remains…SUC(ks).

As we look ahead, we see tremendous opportunities for our business growth. Our platform enabled solutions strategy has started yielding results. Whether it is opportunity to add value to customers like Toyota or Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore or Liquid Analytics or Skoolview, creative talent is the only way to convert these opportunities into tangible value. Creative talent requires a nurturing office space.

On 10-Oct-2019, we moved into our new nurturing space at Chittary House, JP Nagar, Bangalore. Enjoy some moments from the office move ceremony:

We take this opportunity to thank all our customers, employees from the current & past and suppliers. Though you see bulb glow, it is electricity that makes it so. Similarly in our journey, wisdom of many great teachers, guides, mentors and well-wishers are involved. We were lucky to be blessed by the presence of 2 such great teachers who have shown us the light: Sri Acharya Vinay Vinekar – Founder of SEVAK and Sri Narasimha Prabhu – Founder of Light of the Self Foundation.

Thank you all for being part of the journey. Let’s create a WIN for all the players.🙏🌻

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